We offer Google Ads campaigns for consumers from the city of Evergreen Estates. If you aspire to occupy a tall position in a search engine with your goods and services – ask us for a release quote of Google Ads advertising campaigns for your business.

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More than 90% of Internet users use the Google search engine to look for glamorous products or services. Thanks to Google Ads campaigns, you can accomplish them certainly easily and quickly and thanks to Google Analytics we can analyse our target charity and the effectiveness of a campaign.

Evergreen Estates – a special provide for your city gone regard to dealing out advertising campaigns upon the Internet.

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Google AdWords, as this is how Google Ads advertising campaigns used to be called in the past, is a tool allowing to accomplish a large number of customers later the have tolerable money in a rude time and thanks to questioning tools we can optimize the campaign consequently that it could bring maximum assist at a minimal expense. Using Google Ads, we can accept specific goals, such as increasing the frequency of website hits or reaching extra customers, and these goals can be achieved later than the help of various campaigns such as e.g. regular search engine campaigns and much more innovative display or even intellectual shopping campaigns.

The advantage of Google Ads ads beyond the adequate method of promotion is its gigantic configurability and the possibility to precisely check the effects. In the warfare of tolerable forms such as the press, or the television or press, we have at our disposal a limited set of critical data on their effectiveness. The possibilities of configuring such a standard campaign and targeting a specific help of recipients are in supplement to not impressive.

In Google Ads campaigns, we can announce who exactly we desire to objective our ads to, or we can even decide at what grow old they are to be displayed. For example, we can intend ads to owners of new transport companies in a particular region who have specific expenses for the operation of their fleet and show them ads of a company offering such services in their spare time later they have get older to browse the internet. No form of conventional promotion offers such possibilities to define a goal group.

Shopping campaigns – the latest dimension of effective advertising.

Shopping campaigns are a specific form of advertising, geared towards the sale of products in online stores. They present the most important details of a product, such as its price or name, and improvement directly to the product on your website, where the buy can be finalised.

We are dealing gone a constantly growing allocation of the e-commerce announce in consumer shopping and not only. This trend does not seem to amend and while usual shopping will probably stay with us, online shopping will agreed have a larger share. Currently, we are dealing considering a really large number of transactions concluded via the Internet, but if the transaction is to take place, both the consumer and the seller must somehow meet in a virtual space. There are several ways to realize so, and one of them are Google shopping campaigns. They are characterized by the high effectiveness and the low cost of customer acquisition. In addition, thanks to shopping campaigns, we specifically reach a large organization of potential customers.

After launching a Google shopping campaign, promoted products appear on the top of the search list just above the organic results. The products are specifically matched to the customer’s queries, for example, if the customer is looking for portable drives and enters such a phrase in the Google search engine, then, if you have such a product in your give and we foundation such a disquiet for your store, your product will feign the search list of the customer eager in purchasing a given product, and after clicking your product goes directly to your buildup where the customer can conclude a transaction. This is a simple and extremely effective method.

Shopping campaigns are a type of promotion, recommended to all online deposit and e-commerce businesses, regardless of the industry. We cooperate in the thesame way as online stores with a diversified range of products, from groceries to electronic gadgets. It does not matter what nice of goods you sell. These can be gadgets, socks or even OH&S articles – if they are in an online store, thanks to shopping campaigns we can effectively goal the sale of each product range.

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What types of campaigns realize we offer?

  1. Google search campaigns
  2. Shopping campaigns
  3. Performance campaigns
  4. Display campaigns
  5. Video campaigns
  6. Remarketing

1. Google search campaigns

A Google search campaign? What for?

In the age of the current rude development of the Internet, it is difficult to be number 1 in Google search results, but subsequently you configure a search campaign, you do not have to worry consequently much very nearly the long-term and complicated SEO operation, as the effects are visible all but at once.

Where realize search ads display?
        • Above the organic search results upon Google
        • To Google search network partners
        • Displaying above the organic search results on Google Search is something that all company wants. The more that the typical Internet user checks in this area only the first 2 pages of search results!
        • Below the organic search results on Google
      Ad types:
            • Below the organic search results upon Google
            • Above the organic search results upon Google
            • To Google search network partners

          Displaying above the organic search results on Google Search is something that every company wants. The more that the typical Internet user checks with suggestion to only the first 2 pages of search results!

          Ad types:
                • Shopping ads – a Famous product carousel above the organic search results
                  Image and video ads that can be displayed to Google partners, e.g. on very renowned news portals.
                • Text ads, dynamic, responsive, so-called “link only” ads – the most commonly used type of ads. This type of ads has a note “Ad”, “Ads” added or is marked bearing in mind a “Google Ads” label if the ad is displayed to the Partner

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              2. Shopping campaigns

              A type of stir up addressed to online stores, because they help promote goods by providing Internet users when specific information. If you have your online store, then thanks to this type of campaign you can push your products on the Internet. It will allow you to accomplish thousands of supplementary customers.

              Source: support.google.com/google-ads
              What are the advantages of a Shopping Campaign?
                    • Increased coverage of your offer upon the Internet
                    • Better matched toss around recipients
                    • Easy determination of costs!
                    • Easy campaign giving out in classified ad terms
                      Advanced analytics to pronounce and append the tone of ads displayed
                      Increased sales effectiveness

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                  3. Performance campaigns

                  This is a supplementary type of campaign, used to achieve the goals we chose. They permit advertisers to have effective right of entry to whatever Google Ads resources under a single campaign. By launching a produce a result campaign, we achieve a huge number of customers in everything possible Google channels. Our ads display, among others, in the search engine, product carousel, Google Partner Network, YouTube, and even Gmail.

                  I mean, an increase in the conversion result is something which can easily be achieved thanks to a Performance Campaign. The automation technologies from Google which are simple as ration of this excite will in addition to be helpful.

                  It is worth choosing Performance campaigns for:
                        • Increased value of the conversion rate, as skillfully as increased value of the basket
                        • Well-developed statistics helping analyse effectiveness and fabricate a broader concern strategy
                        • Increased number of customers making a conversion

                      4. Display campaigns

                      Image ads, also known as Display ads, which are displayed upon Web portals. They can differ in size and be displayed in different places on the websites. This is a totally popular method of advertising. If your ambition is, for example, recognisability upon the Internet, this is the perfect type of promotion.

                      Source: support.google.com/google-ads
                      Why is it worth choosing a Display campaign?
                            • Increases preparedness and builds the company’s image accompanied by users
                            • The sale will mass significantly through a model such as, e.g., CPC, which allows to optimise ads for a drastic buildup in sales
                            • Convenient billing methods – among others: CPC, Flat Fee or, e.g., CPM
                          Why pull off you obsession a Display Campaign?

                          Promotions of this type are one of the most refined solutions that have a significant impact on the sales and the company’s image. A properly configured and conducted disconcert can bring very good results.

                          5. Video campaigns

                          What exactly is a Video campaign? Where can this type of ad be displayed?

                          They allow to display ads on Google video partner apps and videos.

                          Why it is worth creating Video Campaigns?
                                • They have a significant impact on recipients and can drastically growth sales or website traffic. In complement to traffic itself, Video Campaigns have a significant impact upon increasing the company’s recognisability and raising preparedness among a broad group of users.
                                • It is reachable to choose specific intend groups and point the ad to specific recipients
                                • Very perfect analytical data enable great optimisation of parameters approximately costs
                              How do Video Campaigns work?
                                    • Outstream ads
                                    • Skippable in-stream ads
                                    • Non-skippable in-stream ads
                                    • Ad bumpers
                                    • In-Feed video ads

                                  Of which Outstream Ads are ads that display upon the websites of Google video partners.

                                  6. Remarketing

                                  This is one of the most commonly used types of campaigns. It is carried out as allocation of the Google Ads programme. The type of campaign is used to repeat the advertising message to those Internet users who have already visited our website. It is an vigorous way to accumulation the sale.

                                  Types of remarketing:
                                        • Dynamic – this type consists in advertising specific products or a product that the customer has seen upon the website in order to finalise the transaction.
                                        • Static – a type that consists in one specific advertising proclamation and the location of the website that has been visited by the addict does not business here
                                      Remarketing – how does it work?
                                      1. The user enters the website
                                      2. Google/the website places cookies in the user’s browser with assistance about the visited website
                                      3. The user leaves the website and browses further websites included in the AdSense network
                                      4. The cookie activates specific ads
                                      5. The customer, seeing the ad, makes a buy in our store

                                      Remarketing can be transferred to different advertising channel, e.g. to popular social media: Facebook or Instagram, thanks to which the addict visiting the website and not finalising the purchase can look ads upon social networks that are aimed at taking him to the website again.

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                                      Our competences:

                                      We are a qualified Google partner!

                                      The status of a Google Ads assistant confirms that our agency effectively conducts advertising campaigns of its clients, stimulates their expand by managing their campaigns.

                                      We also Keep certificates confirming our skills and experience in the ring of Google Ads!

                                      The received effects of the campaign are achieved thanks to the proper configuration of the shake up itself, as with ease as analytics, which we attach to inspect the results and to optimise therefore as to cut the costs of the excite while obtaining improved results. We furthermore have experience taking into consideration campaigns from our own e-commerce projects, so this is the concern we know entirely well.

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